Our Journey

Life has a way of leading you down certain paths. Our journey has included working on mental and physical wellness goals- both for ourselves and our children. We’re here to give you tools for your journey.

Dr Jacob Gibson

Dr Jacob Gibson

Marriage and Family Therapist

Jacob completed his doctorate in Marriage & Family Therapy from Loma Linda University in 2008. He is skilled in traditional talk therapy, Play Therapy, Experiential Art therapy, Family Therapy, EMDR, and neurofeedback. To aid him in working with families by understanding brain development, he also trained with the Child Trauma Academy in the use of their clinical tool (sometimes referred to as brainmapping).

Heather Gibson

Heather Gibson

Clinical Aromatherapist

Heather is a Clinical Aromatherapist and enjoys working with multiple natural tools to support people with complex issues. As she started on her journey, her children and husband were her main students, but now she teaches at a local university and in mental health clinics around the state.

Foster Parents

The Gibsons were foster parents for over 10 years and adopted 4 of the children they foster. They also have 3 biological children bringing their total to 7 children.

Constant Training

Jacob and Heather love to learn and are constantly seeking out training to make them more aware and more effective in how to support those they come in contact with.

Open to New Ideas

One of the joys the Gibson experience is coming in contact with new people and ideas. Hearing about other experiences and successes allows Jacob and Heather to offer more tools when they go forward to train.


Heather and several of their children struggle with emotional and/or learning issues and are working together to cope with them.